Happy 40th Erika

Hey sister,

Happy 40th. Thought I could write you a letter. Truth is I don’t know how to do this. I’ll start with a few updates. So, Nikki is going to a high school of her choice. You wouldn’t believe it but she has that patience gene. She gets fusturated and upset with the kids but nothing like all these other little monsters. If I could call it, she for sure is more like you at this age. She likes hanging out with her friends. Shes found a group of friends who fit her well, unique just like her. Nia I think is struggling a little bit more than the others. I can’t imagine her struggle, to lose your mom at the age you need her most, fresh out of her shell trying to find herself. No need to worry sister, she has a whole two families behind her. She has leaned into Delia a little more. She calls and ask for what she needs. I just want her to know to never stop calling. Natalie, oh geez! You know how Khristina has stepped into behaving more like a sister than a niece. Well, Natalie has also stepped into that roll. She is just as loving as you. She doesn’t care to tell us when she loves us. After your passing it was the hardest thing in the world to watch her struggle. She wanted so bad to be ok and the reality was just too much. But I know like you know, she has pushed and pushed to come this far. The girl is

strong Erika. You would be so proud of Jacob right now. He has come along way but He is going to need guidance every now and then, please show him the way. Keep giving him hints of inspiration. Light the way for him. Oh Johnny boy. He is still so little. It happened so fast for him. He does ask sometimes so that we can confirm it. It also turns out you were right, the kid is smart. Mom said something the other day that still has me thinking. She told me she is afraid he is going to get to attached to her and asked what would be of him when she also leaves for the eternal life. Mom misses you. After singing happy birthday you could hear the pain in her cry. She keeps busy. Rosa has given her a job to help pass the time. Rosa has also been busy with Tiago. She’s traveling more and taking life as it comes. Her kids are doing good. She has one left in school and she’s done. As far as Mari, the girl has done a 180. After your passing it was hard to ignore all of the things that were happening to her or around her. Her girls also feel the change. Her shift and change are unrecognizable. Not the same as before, this change is different. As Rosa digs deep for inner peace, love and acceptance, Mari has gone outward. She isn’t leaving it to chance. She is pushing the boundaries. Moving clouds and mountains for the things she believes in. Both filling their Ora with good. As for me, I miss you. Im no longer sprinting out of bed at night or biting down on my tongue in my sleep. But I do still have the urge to ram my foot against the wall. Sometimes I feel it would be easier to deal with physical pain. The truth is still a hard pill to swallow. Your physical presence is truly missed. Your quick witty remarks are irreplaceable. Your voice. I just want to hear your voice. I miss you sister. I love you


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