5 tips to stay cool in the summer

You ever feel like you are just not going to survive the summer months. Or how it’s absolutely way too hot for the kids to play outside. I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve for you.


So, I’ve “joked” about hating the summer months. How it’s just the hardest thing to go from my house to the car without needing a liter of water and time to recover. As I’ve aged, direct sunlight for long periods of time have either made me physically ill or have obvious effects on me, like getting a heat rash where small bubbles of fluid form around my hands. Although this last time it actually happened underneath my lips and above my chin. It was an immediate skin reaction walking under the sun for maybe 30 minutes. For a moment it scared my mom because it appeared suddenly.


My trick is to always try and cool myself down before I overheat. Below is a list of ways I do this and of a some of the things I use.


1.    Always, always carry a fan. A small splash of water to the face and few flicks of the wrist with a paper fan can have immediate refreshing effects.

2.    Try to keep a small cup of ice chips with a little bit of water nearby. As the ice melts, keep sipping the water. You will keep from dehydrating and stay cool at the same time.

3.    Use water-based sunscreen and lotion for your face, body and hands. If you are not at the beach or trying to get a tan, then why are you using heavy lotion? Wash your face at least once throughout the day if you are going to spend more than 4 hours outside in the heat or under the sun. This will help you get rid of dirt and afterwards you can reapply sunscreen. Which leads me into this, forgo the foundation. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara and use water wipes to wipe away any dirt buildup from outside.

4.    My saving grace is a small travel spray bottle of essential spearmint or eucalyptus oil diluted with water. A few sprays to the back of the neck feels euphoric when you begin to feel as if you are going to overheat. But when I have forgotten my spray bottle at home or in the car, I usually break out my infused towelette of lavender and eucalyptus. It helps with the heat and also tends to calm me.

5.    Buy yourself a sun umbrella. We all worry so much about protecting ourselves from the rain that we forget the danger that can actually come from overheating and the sun’s rays. I’ve had mine for about five years. It’s holding strong. I’m just in search for one that I can fit into my purse.

6.    Obvious, but just a reminder. You don’t have to be outside under the burning sun and sweltering heat. Spend time outside early morning or late afternoon when the sun is setting. Be smart about it. Due to the climate destruction mankind has caused the sun’s rays can be dangerous if it’s something you are not used to.

So, there you have it. Here is to hoping it’s not a long summer so I can rejoin the rest of the population outside. I’m also all ears. If you have any recommendations, please share.


From this melting Texas girl,



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