Recently I’ve discovered the mute option on Instagram. It’s a choice I didn’t know I needed or wanted. It has become a double-edged sword since I’ve discovered it. On one side, you keep your sanity and save yourself having to guess about that vague post. On the other side, you risk having someone guess if you are not liking or looking at their post. It’s a pint-sized problem, comparatively. I understand. But lately a vague post and a caption have become such the norm. I’m trying to cut the time I spend on social media, all thanks to the new Apple Weekly Usage Report I get on my phone. But I digress.

So when I returned to a social channel I was hit directly with a few vague posts about, I don’t what, and about, I don’t know who, all because I missed the last few hours or day on Facebook.

It’s hard to follow I know, but keep up.

So, from that double-edged sword I’ve chosen sanity. It’s simple logic. What you can’t see or hear shouldn’t bother you… right? Right. Glad we are on the same page.

I couldn’t take the vague post/captions anymore. When did people stop talking directly to each other and off of social channels? What’s the point of the exquisite and precise thought-out post or caption if the person or people it’s meant for can’t tell if it’s for them? WHAT’S THE POINT?

I see a lot of people have a lot to say on Facebook and Instagram. Content and context is king right now. But there is no formality.

Example: If Becky and Karen aren’t on the greatest of terms and Becky shares a meme and I like it, not knowing the issues between them, I’ve just risked Karen not liking me. All because I liked an indirect meme. It’s crazy.

I know some of you will say, “but Anjelica it’s a meme …don’t take it personal, the same way they shouldn’t take it personal.” Although that might be true, the problem with that is, it’s  not. People will take things personally because our only reference most of the time is what has happened to us personally. Also, it’s on my personal phone, in my home, I’m my eyes, being read and understood by my brain. It’s personal.

With all of that I want to say this, stop it.

Okay, rant over.

I’m just kidding. If you have read this up to here I want you to know I only meant some of it, but it’s up to you to guess which part.

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