I wasn’t even invited to the party

Alright so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I am not popular. Gasp! I know, right.


Being invited used to matter to me a lot. It was the world’s way of telling me I was cool enough. Not like: hey, come and be the party, but at least be a part of the party. The twist is I have never even been one for parties.


There I was wanting something I didn’t really want just because everyone else wanted it too.


Fast forward a few years later, I was in my early twenties and it no longer mattered to me if I got invited or not. I didn’t care to be at that party or at that social gathering just to be seen. It was history to me… or so I thought.


Then, wouldn’t you know it, not long after not caring it started to matter to me again, but for different reasons.


I was now in my thirties and Juan and I had started socializing online with others. Being a part of the “cool kids club” mattered and I wanted in. People also began to take notice, mostly because I was checked in online or tagged at different events with friends. We started getting invited to parties and other events to see and be seen, and to socialize with others. It was fun.


Then I started to care again. Sometimes I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy my time at some of those events, but it was still nice to get invited.


Today, I still haven’t mastered the art of not caring.



Every now and again I do like to get invited or be included. But does it absolutely matter? No. I enjoy the opportunities I am given, and I also like to applaud my fellow blogger/influencer friends when they get to enjoy the abundance of opportunities out there for all of us.

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