the need to impress

Living my life to impress people is an embarrassing thing to admit. But it’s the truth. Once upon a time way before and long after social media I lead moments in my life to impress certain people. It was to impress friends of friends or long distant family members. Thinking back on all those moments I spent caring what someone else thought about me and my abilities saddens me. Helping plan parties, making appearances to places to see people who didn’t care wether I was there or not.

I can’t say this will be a habit I will stop, I mean after all I can not predict if what I do for others will make a difference in my life or their life. But what I can do is to stop and think. Think about why I am doing what I am doing. Think about the request someone makes of me and ask myself if there is time and if there is interest. True and sincere interest on my behalf, and then do it without expecting anything in return. I figure once I start doing things without expectations, my ‘yes’ will be from a place of giving.

So here is my advice to you. Don’t. Don’t paint your cousins friends room and decorate because they like your style. It’s time you can give someone else. Don’t plan a huge party to only impress a few people. If it takes that much time, money and effort to make it happen be sure it’s because you want everyone there in attendance. If not make it small and intimate. Impress the people you love and care about, shower them with time and attention because when the dust settles it is those people who will be standing in your corner taking care of you. So take care of them.

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