5 things you need to let go of right now!

Let go of your defense. 

In other words, consider letting go of that guard you have up. 


Let go of being right. 

Nothing kills a conversation immediately more than knowing someone doesn’t care to understand. If your goal is to be right you are missing the point.  

Let go of the things that hurt. 

I know that’s a loaded statement. You have one soul, one heart and one mind that are all wired together. So, whatever hurts your heart will hurt your soul and will hurt your mind. This is true for whatever order you put them in. Let these three entities talk to each other. Give them time and space to heal. 


Let go of the future. 

I have to be honest, I’m not sure how I really feel about saying this to anyone. Maybe this one is just personal to me and only me. I can’t seem to plan for the future. I mean I tried to plan, but the future seems to work out the way it wants to work out. Have you ever tried to kick one of those big plastic colorful balls? The ones that you find inside a big end cap display at the toys section inside Walmart. Yes, those balls. It never goes in a straight line. It always curves when you kick it and sometimes if the wind is blowing hard enough the ball goes up and comes right back. That’s basically me planning the future. I plan, it curves. I haven’t given up planning all together, I just kick in the direction I want it to go and hope it gets close to the planned goal. 


Let go of being perfect. 

I’m stealing this one from a YouTuber I’ve recently started watching. So, in her words “fuck perfect.” It is just as it sounds. 

Yours truly


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